Sleep When You're Dead

In thirty-six hours, thousands of innocent people will die. There’s not a second to waste. And no time for sleep…

Michael North has a bullet lodged in his brain which could kill him any second. That makes him the perfect MI5 asset: he’s ruthless, loyal, brave. And, best of all, disposable.

Teenage computer expert Fangfang Yu does not feel the same way. She’s determined to keep her friend out of danger – however many cyber laws she has to break to keep him alive.

Now North has been sent undercover into a doomsday cult on a remote Scottish island. He has thirty-six hours to stop their charismatic leader from inciting the murder of thousands. He can only do it with Fang’s help – but when they uncover a shocking link between the cult and the dark heart of the US defence establishment, it doesn’t just put North’s life at risk…it threatens Fangfang too.

Out: October 2022

Praise for Curse the Day, by Jude O'Reilly

"'Starts off like a fired bullet and never lets up. A sheer delight"
"Relentlessly plotted with a blistering pace, Curse the Day is a sharply-drawn, gleefully witty conspiracy thriller. Tackling tomorrow's nightmare today, this is a superb novel."
"Judith O'Reilly is a masterful storyteller. In Curse the Day she's woven a slick, fast-paced thriller brimming with characters that are both finely drawn and compelling. Do yourself a favour and buy this book."
"A brilliant technothriller that reads like a Bond movie... I could not put this book down."
"...packed with no-holds-barred action and memorable characters, it's a blast."
Five stars " definitely aren’t putting this book down – you’ve been warned...a great thriller." @fionamsharp,
Five stars "What a rollercoaster….a fast paced political thriller that puts Judith up against the best." Timothy D. @netgalley

Praise for Killing State, by Jude O'Reilly

"high octane... Great debut.” SUNDAY TIMES CRIME CLUB
Thriller of the Week: MAIL ON SUNDAY
"Thought-provoking, pacy and thrilling.” SUNDAY MIRROR
"A terrific future-shock thriller full of pace, tension, character, and emotion. Highly recommended.” LEE CHILD, The Jack Reacher novels
"Killing State is a psychological thriller with more twists than a pretzel. The author's first novel is a gritty, action-packed page-turner." ANDY MCNAB, Bravo Two Zero
"A worryingly plausible portrait of Britain in the near-future, Judith O'Reilly's debut novel is fast-paced, packed with action, and introduces a series hero to watch." MICK HERRON, Slow Horses, Spook Street
"New thriller writers come and go. I suspect this lady will stick around." FREDERICK FORSYTH, The Day of the Jackal
"Grabs you from page one and won’t let you go. What a brilliant debut from Judith O’Reilly – reading it is like watching an action movie. Action packed from start to finish – but with tenderness and great characterisation too. Fast, sharply-written, clever and intense." JEREMY VINE, BBC Radio 2.
"Gripping and twisty." INDIA KNIGHT , Recommended Read, Sunday Times Magazine
"Smart, action-packed and totally immersive, Killing State is set to be one of the biggest thrillers of the year. Don't miss it!" T.R.RICHMOND , What She Left
"A superb political thriller written with aplomb...Former soldier, Michael North is a terrific creation – a hitman with a bullet already lodged in his brain with no time to waste. This is page-turning stuff and Killing State is a story you will keep reading right till the end." HOWARD LINSKEY, The Drop, The Search.
"Killing State chronicles anti-hero Michael North's desperate struggle to absolve his sins against an all-too-real conspiracy. In a Dexter meets House of Cards battle, this gritty thriller will appeal to readers with a sophisticated palate for political intrigue." K.J.HOWE, The Freedom Broker.

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