Michael North Short Stories

Michael North Shorts

When you write a book with a hero at the centre of it, you fill a lot of pages. But if the hero is a big character, it turns out one book may not be enough. Plus, how does a reader know they're willing to invest time and energy in a new series of books? Isn't it best to get to know a character first? After all, too many of us find ourselves time poor. With too little time living our lives to invest in  reading a whole book - let alone a whole string of them. Yet, we think of ourselves as readers, we encourage our children to read, and we tell them it makes a world of difference to who they are. Hence the short stories. I want to write about Michael North - I believe he's a hero for our time - and I hope you'll want to read about him.

But it doesn't strike me as fair to charge anyone for a short story when I'm getting something out of it too. On my side, I get to introduce you to North.  On your side, I hope you'll find them a good quick read, enjoy them for what they are, and decide that they're a fun way to spend five or ten minutes of your valuable time.

So then, these short stories about North are available for free through the readers' club to be read on mobiles travelling to work, or tablets with a cup of coffee in hand, or parked up waiting for your child to come out of a sports' session on an e reader. I'm hoping they'll give you  an insight into North BEFORE those hectic few days when he found himself living in a Killing State.


Ten-year-old Michael North is in emergency foster care with the McGyver family. It's bad – really bad – but at least he's made his first friend in the world. Now all he has to do is protect him from all harm.
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