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"high octane... Great debut.” SUNDAY TIMES CRIME CLUB
Thriller of the Week: MAIL ON SUNDAY
"Thought-provoking, pacy and thrilling.” SUNDAY MIRROR
"A terrific future-shock thriller full of pace, tension, character, and emotion. Highly recommended.” LEE CHILD, The Jack Reacher novels
"Killing State is a psychological thriller with more twists than a pretzel. The author's first novel is a gritty, action-packed page-turner." ANDY MCNAB, Bravo Two Zero
"A worryingly plausible portrait of Britain in the near-future, Judith O'Reilly's debut novel is fast-paced, packed with action, and introduces a series hero to watch." MICK HERRON, Slow Horses, Spook Street

The bullet in his brain isn't the problem. She is.

Michael North is a hero, with a bullet in the brain to prove it. A bullet which has rewired his neural pathways and heightened his sense of intuition. That’s if it hasn’t sent him mad. Insane or insanely intuitive? Frankly, he’s not sure which is worse.

Recruited out of the Army to a mysterious extra-governmental agency called The Board, North can be sure of one thing. He’s very good at killing very bad guys.

This is a post Trump, post Brexit world where the Army has been privatised and citizens are disappearing — including talented astronomer Peggy Boland. But Peggy has been missed, not least by her best friend —  the obsessive, relentless Honor Jones, MP.

The politician is determined to find her friend, or die trying. When North is ordered to kill Honor, he realises the only way to keep her alive is to trust himself and help her find Peggy. Before it’s too late for all of them.